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At the Laser Tag Arena of Petite Boutique you have the unique opportunity to have the ultimate action game for all ages!
An interactive indoor live activity in a battle full of adrenaline and adventure for a unique experience.
A battle maze full of special audiovisual effects, which make laser tagging more exciting but also the most up-to-date equipment in your fleet and weapon waiting for you to test your limits and fight against your opponent in order to experience the ultimate adventure.
The purpose of the game is to "eliminate" the opponent in the battle, find the hidden goals and avoid the rival shots. Collect as many points as possible and leave as the master of the battle by completing your mission successfully for you and your team!
In addition, you can get a instead of the special MEMBER CARD that allows you to unlock new weapons and new skills that will make you “your experience better” instead of even more powerful and bring you to new maps and other modes!
Choose from dozens of game modes, with the purpose of winning the battle. Play alone, with your friends or your family, allies or opponents in a fascinating environment. Now Arena exclusively gives you the opportunity to book a day and time you want to play. With you and your company. Do not waste any time now, close the room for an unforgettable experience that will fascinate you, your friends and family!

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